3. Classification of Sake

《How To Describe Taste And Flavor》

Dry – Sweet – Fruity – Acidity – Bitter – Ricey

Rich – Soft – Syrupy – Light – Airy – Fresh – Sharpe

Complex – Mellow – Crisp finish

Good length – Well-balanced – Good nose – Aromatic

《Classification Of Flavor》


Aromatic Sake / Aromatic type

This type is characterized by splendid, or fruit-like aroma, often compared to fruits. Many products taste relatively airy and freshening. Some products taste smooth, while other taste tender and sweets. Note that in recent years. Kun-Shu with rich and taste (with particularly distinct sweetness and acidity) has been introduced to the market.


Refreshing Sake / Airy and velvety type

Among all types of sake, flavor characteristics of this sake type are the airiest and simplest. Because this type has little savory taste and a light body, phrases such as “light and delicate taste,”
“clean taste,” and easy to drink” are often use to express the characteristics. In addition, many products have a dry taste with few sweet-tasting components or a sharp 8crisp) taste.


Rich Sake / Full body type

This type has the richest and fullest flavor characteristics among all kinds of sake, characterized by ample aroma derived from rice and rice koji, thick taste, and full-bodied taste from the large number of components that provide a savory taste. Words, such as “ample,” “rich” and “full-bodied” are often used to
express the characteristics.


Aged Sake / Matured type

This type looks yellow or brown and is characterized by a complex and highly condensed aroma often compared to molasses, dried fruit, wood, nuts, products for soup stock (dried shiitake mushroom, etc.), and spices, a highly viscous texture, and extremely profound taste.

《Classification According To Flavor》